Marine veteran Maximilian Uriarte, creator of the widely popular  "Terminal Lance" comic strip, was awarded the James Webb Award for his graphic novel,  "The White Donkey."

"I feel humbled and honored to be considered among such esteemed company in these awards," Uriarte told Military Times. "It's also a great feeling knowing that, while Terminal Lance reaches thousands of Marines every day, my graphic novel will forever be a part of the history of the Marine Corps itself with this recognition from the Marine Heritage Foundation."

Uriarte was honored for  fiction writing, which is one of the 16 categories of awards given by the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation. Others include  photography, documentaries, journalism, poetry and nonfiction.

"'The White Donkey' was my own exploration on the experience of being a Marine and going to Iraq, as well as the search for meaning in a sometimes seemingly meaningless tribulation," Uriarte said.