Would you spend about $50 for a $1 coin?

For pocket change, probably not. But an official U.S. Mint, World War I commemoriative silver dollar, just maybe.

The coins, which go on sale Jan. 17 at noon ET, depict a closeup of a soldier’s face on the front with barbed wire. The back also has barbed wire, but with poppies mixed in with it. Congress authorized them in 2014, and the coin’s design was revealed at the AUSA annual meeting last October.

“It’s an opportunity to remember 4.7 million men and women who served 100 years ago,” then-Acting Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said at AUSA. “Those soldiers performed their difficult mission and left a legacy that touches us all every day.”

In addition, the Mint is making available service-specific WWI medals that can be purchased with the silver dollars, though at very limited quantities and for just a short time after the silver dollars go on sale.