Marine Corps CH-53 damaged during ground taxi Class A mishap
It’s the second major aviation mishap for the Corps this month.
Some US troops on the border to leave this week; about 3,000 will stay
The border mission has less need now for some of the troops' specialties.
Trump changes his mind again on military spending, now wants a big boost next year
The president is expected this week to announce plans for $750 billion in fiscal 2020 military spending, a huge jump from previous targets.
Army stifles Navy’s offense to win 3rd straight in historic rivalry
The Black Knights beat Navy to retain the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy
Trump says chief of staff John Kelly to leave at year’s end
President Donald Trump said Saturday that chief of staff John Kelly will leave his job by year’s end amid an expected West Wing reshuffling reflecting a focus on the 2020 re-election campaign and the challenge of governing with Democrats reclaiming control of the House.
Deal to extend benefits for ‘blue water’ Vietnam veterans appears dead for this year
Senate officials had hoped to move a measure extending benefits to 90,000 Vietnam veterans in the waning days of Congress.
US Naval Academy chapel dome renovations set to start
Renovations of the United States Naval Academy’s iconic chapel dome will begin this winter.
Report: Green Beret’s reprimand rescinded after Mattis pushes DoD to revisit punishments for Niger ambush
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was reportedly livid over the possibility that a junior officer who survived the 2017 Nniger ambush would face punishment, while senior leaders would escape blame.
Iraq celebrates victory over ISIS while grappling with legacy
Iraq began removing cement walls from areas surrounding the capital’s most fortified enclave Monday, opening parts of the so-called Green Zone to traffic in a symbolic move coinciding with nationwide celebrations marking the anniversary of the country’s costly victory over the Islamic State group.
DoD Inspector General investigating fewer allegations of senior official misconduct
The Pentagon watchdog has investigated 15 percent fewer allegations of bad behavior against generals, admirals and senior civilians since 2015, according to a report.
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