Here’s what you need to know about the biggest update to UCMJ in decades
The services unveiled big changes to the Uniform Code of Military Justice with the new year.
Marine vet who asked for donations to send Marine families to Disney resorts pocketed money, feds say
According to feds, Simpson raised about $481,000 but pocketed nearly $391,000.
Navajo code talker Alfred K. Newman dies at 94
He served in the Pacific with 3rd Marine Division.
These upgrades will help Marines destroy more tanks and better protect their own
The anti-tank system is ahead of schedule for fielding and should reach full operational capability by October.
Small group of Marines, sailors complete ‘first step’ in building long-term Latin America task force
The larger aim is to create a multinational task force for rapid response across the region.
Chinese companies have their eyes on what used to be the US Navy’s biggest base in the Pacific
Two Chinese firms are interested in the Philippines' largest shipyard, once the US's largest naval base in the Pacific, raising new alarm about Chinese expansion.
Report: Pregnant spouses of deployed service members at higher risk of depression
U.S. studies on military spouses across all branches of the military show greater incidence of depression and other problems.
Vet groups plead: ‘If you say you support veterans, then you need to support ending the shutdown’
Tens of thousands of veterans are among the government workers not receiving paychecks while the three-week-old shutdown continues.
Marine Corps veteran readies for 7,000-mile hike
He plans to spread the word of veterans' groups across the country and raise awareness about mental health, veteran suicide prevention and PTSD.
New defense intelligence assessment warns China nears critical military milestone
The new assessment from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency warns that China may soon be comfortable making a move on Taiwan.
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