President Trump wants a more patriotic look for Air Force One.
Marines in the field would have the ability to order items with the push of a button.
One recruit professed support for 9/11 terrorists, DoD argues in court case.
Binge drinking, vaping.... these are just a few of the problems brewing in the military, according to a just-released study.
Vets are getting letters on how to get money back from taxes on their disability severance pay.
Major strategic concerns are at play as the United States lacks a national mobilization strategy, which would need to partner the industrial base with national security innovation.
Tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans denied disability benefits could be helped by a bill already passed by the House.
Senate panel directed the Defense Department to review policies for helping child victims.
Since President Donald Trump took office, VA officials have been unable to fill the department's top health post.
A Navy rule change that lets servicewomen wear ponytails and other longer hairstyles won’t apply to the U.S. Naval Academy.
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