Marine attending a formal school from outside the local area of the course may need to arrive 14 days prior to accommodate restriction of movement guidelines due to COVID-19.

The recently posted Marine administrative message applies to all active duty Marines within the continental U.S. who are “attending advanced formal school training as an exception to the stop movement order.”

A Defense Department stop movement order was recently extended to June 30. The DoD said it would review the policy every couple of weeks.

“Effective immediately, all Marines traveling to attend scheduled formal courses from outside the local area of the course may be required to arrive an additional 14 days prior to the scheduled convening of the course to accommodate local commanders’ restriction of movement (ROM) for COVID-19 related local quarantine,” the MARADMIN reads.

The local area is defined by the base commander where the course is located.

For Marines attending the Basic Recruiter Course 4-20, no Marines outside the U.S. will be allowed to attend the course.

Some courses that may require arriving 14 days prior depending on type of travel include Basic Recruiter Course, Basic Career Planner Course 3-20, Drill Instructor West/East 4-20, School of Infantry (SOI) East/West Combat Instructor Course 4-20, and Security Force Training.

Marine Security Guard School aboard the Quantico, Virginia, base has determined that no restriction of movement is necessary for continental U.S. based students attending the course.

Marines enrolled in formal schools not listed in the MARADMIN “should immediately contact the school to determine if a ROM and/or quarantine period is required and for what amount of time,” the MARADMIN reads.

“Local base commanders have the authority to determine any required ROM," the MARADMIN reads.

Check out the latest MARADMIN for more details.

Shawn Snow is the senior reporter for Marine Corps Times and a Marine Corps veteran.

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