The 35th Commandant of the Marine Corps is stepping into a new role at the Semper Fi Fund and America's Fund.

The nonprofit organization announced Friday that retired Gen. James Amos would become chairman of the board of directors, succeeding Al Gray, the former chairman who previously served as 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps. The post is a volunteer position and involves oversight of 11 directors including Amos' wife, Bonnie, former Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Carlton Kent, and Annette Conway, wife of the 34th Commandant, James Conway.

"We are excited to announce General Amos as our new Chairman of the Board of Directors," said Karen Guenther, the president, CEO and founder of Semper Fi Fund and America's Fund, in a news release. "We bid a fond farewell, and express our heartfelt gratitude to General Al Gray for his faithful service as our Chairman for the past 11 years."

Amos, who retired last October after serving four years as commandant, has had a long relationship with the Semper Fi Fund. The organization, founded in 2004, offers direct assistance to wounded, ill and injured troops, veterans and their families. Though originally founded to assist Marines and sailors, the Semper Fi Fund created America's Fund in 2012 to meet the needs of troops in all services.

Days before his retirement, Amos presented Guenther with an exclusive token of appreciation: the title of "honorary Marine." The title has been given to fewer than 100 individuals and signals extraordinary commitment to Marine Corps values and mission.

"I was afraid that if I did it earlier on, it might send the wrong signal," Amos said of giving Guenther the award, acknowledging that the commandant's office was not supposed to show preferential treatment to any private organizations. "So here I am on my last 28 days as commandant."

Since retirement, Amos has also joined the board of directors at  LORD Corporation, a manufacturing company with defense and aerospace customers.

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