Up next in the Marine Corps Daily Seven exercises is … a roundhouse kick to the face?

"Honorary Marine" Chuck Norris appeared on the Corps' Protect What You've Earned campaign last month to give a short message to Marines and to shake up the exercise regimen.

Chuck Norris: Protect What You've Earned

Chuck Norris addresses Marines about the Protect What You've Earned (PWYE) campaign. The PWYE campaign was initiated in 2015 and reinforces a Marine's desire to safeguard life-long investments and hard-earned achievements. (Marine Corps video)

Norris, who served in the Air Force before rising to fame, says in his video that he was named an honorary Marine several years ago and has been proud of that distinction ever since.

"Not everyone has the guts, the will, the determination and the courage to accept that challenge

but you did. So protect what you’ve earned," said Norris.

The Protect What You’ve Earned campaign was started in 2015 and is aimed at decreasing alcohol related incidents and other behaviors that can negatively impact Marines and their families, according to a Marine release.