The Marine Corps switched to Magpul’s signature polymer Gen M3 PMag in 2017, but Marines have complained the new magazines don’t fit properly in their issued magazine pouches.

To remedy the issue, the Corps posted a request for information, or RFI, for industry leaders seeking an M4/M16 magazine pouch that can accommodate the 30 round Magpul polymer magazine and the old school aluminum magazine.

According to the RFI, the Corps wants its future magazine pouch to allow “magazines to be smoothly drawn from the pouch with one hand” and it wants the pouch to be lighter than the current issue.

The Marines say they are planning to order a minimum of 60,000 new pouches, with a maximum order of 500,000, according to the RFI.

In April, the Corps posted an instructional video from Chief Warrant Officer 4 Jesse M. Schertz, the 2nd Marine Division Gunner, showing Marines a quick fix to better fit their new polymer magazines in the issued pouches.

“The new magazines do not fit properly in the magazine pouch, causing issues when trying to remove the magazine,” Schertz says in the video.

Schertz instructs Marines to soak their issued pouches in water, then insert two polymer magazines into the pouch using a spacer between two magazines to stretch the fabric.

Magpul’s polymer magazines have been popular with service members throughout the years.

But before the Corps approved the use of the polymer magazine, there was a temporary ban in 2012.

The issue stemmed from the prolific use of untested polymer magazines with brands producing unreliable or subpar products.

But in 2017, the Corps adopted Magpul’s 30 round magazine after significant testing.

"The Magpul Gen M3 PMag was the only magazine to perform to acceptable levels across all combinations of Marine Corps 5.56mm rifles and ammunition during testing,” Marine Corps Systems Command told Military Times in January 2017.

Shawn Snow is the senior reporter for Marine Corps Times and a Marine Corps veteran.

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