The Corps just updated its composite score and ratings for both the combat and physical fitness tests, which may make life a little harder for Marines performing at the lower rung of fitness.

The updated scores are directed at the third class PFT or CFT.

Marines performing at a total PFT or CFT score of 150-199 are in the lowest bracket, or third class, and anything below 150 is a failure on either test. The previous range was 120-199.

But the Corps also updated its rating scales which could impact a Marines promotion or all-around calculated composite score.

Below is a comparison of the old scoring system and new scoring system.

The Corps announced in September that the PFT and CFT were about to get a little harder for everyone.

Marines can no longer sandbag an entire PFT or CFT and expect to pass on a minimal score in all three events alone, they have to perform above the minimum on at least one event.

Other changes included a new more stringent pull-up range for women and a reduced rest time to three minutes on the CFT.

The new scale “will take effect for the April, May and June 2019 composite scores that will be computed on 13 March 2019,” the MARADMIN stated.

Shawn Snow is the senior reporter for Marine Corps Times and a Marine Corps veteran.

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