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Third man charged in alleged antifa assault of two Marine reservists in Philadelphia

It’s been several months since two Marine reservists visiting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, were reportedly assaulted by a mob of people associated with the left-leaning group known as antifa.

To date, three people have now been charged with attacking the Marine reservists ― Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres ― on Nov. 17, 2018.

Tom Keenan and Thomas Massey were arrested in November and charged with aggravated assault and conspiracy. Keenan also faces an ethnic intimidation felony charge. They are still awaiting trial, according to Philadelphia magazine.

Now, a third defendant, Joseph Alcoff, has been hit with a slew of charges from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

The charges include aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, conspiracy, theft, terroristic threats with intent to terrorize another, among other charges, according to a court document.

Alcoff is out on $15,000 bail and is scheduled for a formal arraignment on Feb. 11.

The assault against the Marines took place a few blocks from the controversial “We the People Rally,” which allegedly included some members associated with the alt-right.

Joseph Alcoff (Philadelphia Police Department)
Joseph Alcoff (Philadelphia Police Department)

Counterprotestors, some allegedly associated with antifa — a left-leaning group known to use violence against white supremacy or neo-Nazi groups during street demonstrations — filled the area around Independence Hall where the two Marines were sightseeing.

Keenan allegedly approached the two Marines, who were not in uniform, and asked if they were members of the “Proud Boys,” a group that was participating in the conservative rally that day.

The “Proud Boys,” founded amid the 2016 presidential election, is characterized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as being anti-Muslim, holding misogynistic views and known to propagate white nationalist memes.

Torres said he didn’t know what Proud Boys meant and Godinez said he responded that the two were both Marines.

Tom Keenan (left) and Thomas Massey (right) were arrested in November. They appeared in court Dec. 13. (Philadelphia Police Department)
Tom Keenan (left) and Thomas Massey (right) were arrested in November. They appeared in court Dec. 13. (Philadelphia Police Department)

Godinez and Torres both testified in a Philadelphia courtroom on Dec. 13 that they were attacked by 10 to 12 people after being questioned by Keenan about their affiliation to the Proud Boys. They described being kicked, maced and called “Nazis.”

The two were transferred and treated at a local hospital. Godinez testified that his injuries might require surgery.

Philadelphia magazine first reported that Alcoff was charged in the assault of the two Marines.

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