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Marine Corps ends use of terms ‘PREG’ or ‘POSTPARTUM’ on promotion photos

In a recent move, the Corps has decided to eliminate the terms “PREG” or “POSTPARTUM” on promotion photos of female Marines.

The two code words were previously used with submitted photographs of female Marines up for promotion who were pregnant or had just given birth.

The recent change was posted in a Marine administrative message published in January, and details were also noted in the Corps’ response to a request for information from the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services, or DACOWITS, regarding the Corps’ progress in tackling issues with unconscious gender bias.

That update followed another MARADMIN in November 2018 that eliminated the use of the term “PREG” on fitness reports. That term was used to denote pregnant and postpartum Marines who were exempt from body composition standards.

The Corps instead decided to use the code EXMP.

The Corps also said it has discontinued the use of the code “POST” on evaluations, which was used to identify Marines in the postpartum stage, according to the Corps’ response to DACOWITS. Those changes were made in May 2018.

The changes are part of the Corps drive to overhaul official documents and records in an effort to be more general-neutral.

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