The thoughtlessness of Pentagon bureaucrats in Washington never ceases to amaze us.

When the Trump administration came into office earlier this year, the White House put out a call to all government agencies to offer new ideas for cutting government spending and reducing the federal workforce.

So what did the Defense Department suggest? Ending support for the dozens of schools that educate military children at bases inside the United States. The military currently operates 47 schools on military installations in seven states in the continental U.S., serving a total of about 20,000 students.

The proposal would turn over operation of those schools to local school districts. Many of those school districts are poorly funded, their schools are not good. In effect, this is a proposal to slash benefits targeting the families in general and children in particular.

Military children make enough sacrifices, growing up with constant moves and frequently deployed parents. The Trump administration should send that proposal back to the Defense Department and demand better ideas.

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