A new investment fund will allow people to invest in companies with strong records in recruiting and supporting veterans, active duty service members, Guardsmen and reservists, and military families.

Financial analysis shows that such companies generally outperform the market. That’s the reason a new fund, the Military Times Best for Vets Index, was created by Track One Capital Services, based in New York, and Wilshire Associates Inc., based in Santa Monica, California.

Track One Capital Services chose to utilize the Military Times Best for Vets Employers guide as the basis for identifying these companies based on its independence, accuracy and authenticity. This well-established guide has become the standard for identifying companies that create the best employment environment for veterans and members of the military community.

Only companies that have earned a place on the competitive Military Times Best for Vets Employers rankings for three consecutive years are eligible to be included as part of the index investment fund. The companies must also be publicly traded and have a market capitalization of at least $200 million.

A portion of proceeds from the index fund will go to supporting military and veteran causes.

“We are proud to be information partners for the Military Times Best for Vets Index, and to have our Best for Vets Employers guide as the qualification for companies listed in the fund. We consider it an extension of our overall company goal: serving those who serve,” said David Smith, president of Military Times parent company Sightline Media Group. “Because the Military Times Best for Vets Employers rankings are independent, highly respected and very competitive, they are the ideal way to identify companies for this fund that create focused career opportunities for veterans and the military community.”

Companies that incorporate social missions, such as supporting veterans, into their business plans tend to be better-run and produce better returns in the stock market than those that do not, according to Track One Capital Services.

“We have for many years recognized the unique skill sets that our military veterans bring to the workplace. The Military Times Best for Vets Index now demonstrates the measurable benefit that these organizations reap,” said Joseph Gelin of Track One Capital Services. “We consider the Military Times to be the most well-respected and authoritative brand with the veteran community and we are thrilled to be partnering with them.”

Investment funds allow groups of people to pool their money in shares of multiple publicly traded companies. The value of the investment grows or shrinks with changes in the corresponding stock prices.

The index will open up for investment later this year. Keep an eye on Military Times for more details in the coming months.

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