Memo: Pentagon delivers reprogramming request, seeks supplement for $9 billion hurricane damage
A new memo from Acting Secretary of Defense Pat Shanahan shows the department plans to go to Congress for special repair funding.
No new job field for future amphibious combat vehicle crewmen
Don’t expect a new occupational specialty for learning to crew the vehicle.
Marines to continue upgrading the M1A1 Abrams, but still lagging behind Army armor
While the Corps buys modification kits for its Abrams tanks, the Army has had a new version for two years and eyes another upgrade by 2025.
About 21,000 troops booted under ‘deploy or get out’ policy, but only a small fraction were Marines
As of Aug. 31, 2018, about 7,458 Marines were considered nondeployable for a variety of reasons, but most were medical related.
Marines seize an airfield and small island while testing tactics for fight against China
The exercise featured special operations airborne insertions, long-range aerial raids, and employment of HIMARS.
Capitol Hill tries to deny Pentagon use of $1B for border wall
The White House push for a border wall is setting up a legal battle between the Pentagon and Capitol Hill.
VA recommends dropping legal challenge over ‘blue water’ Navy veterans benefits
Federal officials have until the end of April to formally decide whether to appeal a court ruling which could grant disability benefits to more than 90,000 veterans.
US-backed Kurdish fighters want international tribunal for ISIS detainees
The U.S-backed Syrian fighters who drove the Islamic State from its last strongholds called Monday for an international tribunal to prosecute hundreds of foreigners rounded up in the nearly five-year campaign against the extremist group.
Russia sends troops to Venezuela, a move Pompeo says increases tensions
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has told the Russian foreign minister that Russia’s dispatch of military personnel to Venezuela is increasing tensions there.
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