On Tuesday, President Donald Trump visited Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California, praising troops, and promising the largest pay raise in over a decade and “weaponry like we’ve never had before or sent before.”

“Our administration is stacked with Marines because Marines are the kind of people you want at your side, and trust me, you don’t ever want to be on the other side of a fighting Marine, it’s trouble!” Trump told hundreds of Marines in a hangar in the home of the 3rd Aircraft Wing.

The president raised eyebrows by proposing another military service branch, a “space force.”

But he created even more buzz afterward: In tweeting photos afterward, Trump made a cringeworthy spelling gaffe, calling the Marine Corps the “Marine Core.”

Some were infuriated.

Some weren’t surprised.

And some took more of a literal approach.

In a time of retweets and screenshots, it was too late for the attwicted commander in chief. But the president did delete his original tweet and publish a new version 30 minutes later ― with the correct spelling of "Corps."

Andrea Scott is editor of Marine Corps Times.

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