To mark its birthday, the Marine Corps has created its first ever birthday running cadence, honoring Marine history and celebrating 244 years of service by Marines past and present.

While the cadence doesn’t inspire making the grass grow or running to Iraq in one day, it is full of imagery that will be familiar to all Marines.

The new cadence has three distinct parts: The first covers the founding of the Corps and the esprit de corps derived from the service’s fighting record.

“There comes a day in every year ... of pride we shed a tear,” the cadence goes. “In 10 November when it began... in a tavern they laid the plan.”

Tun Tavern in Philadelphia is where the first Marine Corps recruiting drive was held by the first commandant Samuel Nicholas, according to Marine tradition.

“Since that day the battles won ... our legacy won’t be undone,” the cadence continued, connecting the historical start of the Corps to the generations of Marines that are still fighting America’s wars.

After covering the fighting history, the cadence shifts into one about what it takes to become a Marine.

“San Diego climbing up the hills ... Parris Island parade deck skills ... never giving up is what we instill ... on hallowed ground we’re waged in will,” the cadence says, calling on the experience of every enlisted Marine who has experienced the challenges of boot camp at either Parris Island, South Carolina, or San Diego as their entrance to the Corps.

The final part of the cadence goes into the annual ball celebration and why the Marine Corps celebrates its history like no other branch.

“Old breed new breed, near and far ... happy birthday wherever you are,” the cadence ends.

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