The Marine Corps will give out an aviation bonus of up to $210,000 for select pilots willing to extend their service commitment by up to six years, according to a new administrative message.

The aviation bonus pay, or AVB, is available to 7509 AV-8 pilots, 7518 F-35 pilots, 7523 F/A-18 pilots, 7532 MV-22 pilots, 7556 KC-130 co-pilots, 7557 KC-130 pilot, 7563 UH-1 pilots, 7565 AH-1 pilots and 7566 CH-53 pilots, according to the MARADMIN signed on Tuesday.

“The AvB is a special pay utilized to increase the inventory stability of the aviation officer population,” the MARADMIN reads. “The program provides a proactive, short-term incentive for aviation officers in certain grades and communities with current or forecasted inventory shortfalls."

For the MV-22 pilots, UH-1 pilots, AH-1 pilots and CH-53 pilots to be eligible they must have been officers in the Marine Corps for less than 14 years, while having already completed their active duty commitment by Sep. 30, 2021, according to the MARADMIN.

For the KC-130 pilot and co-pilot military occupational specialty Marines have to either be in the promotion zone for lieutenant colonel or junior to the promotion zone of lieutenant colonel while also having completed their active duty commitment by Sep. 30, 2021 the MARADMIN said.

For the AV-8, F-35 and F/A-18 pilot MOSes the Marines must also be either in zone or below zone for lieutenant colonel, but they have until Sept. 30 2022, to complete their active duty commitment to be eligible for the aviation bonus, the MARADMIN said.

The bonus is broken down into three categories: one category for the fixed wing pilots, one for the Osprey fixed wing tilt-rotor pilots and the final for the traditional helicopter pilots, according to the MARADMIN.

The fixed wing pilots are eligible for $210,000 for an additional six years of service or as little as $100,000 for an addition four years of service.

The Osprey pilots can get $125,000 for an additional five year commitment or only $80,000 for a four year extension.

The helicopter pilots can make $75,000 for a five year extension or $40,000 for an additional four years.

“These amounts will be paid out in equal annuities over the length of the contract."

Marines have until April 1, 2021, to submit their application for the aviation bonus, the MARADMIN said.

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