North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un is known for his offbeat sartorial choices.

As the dictator continues adding to tensions in the region, having conducted at least seven missile tests in the past few weeks and more than 40 this year, one expert weighing in on CNN went as far as to suggest Kim’s newest attire is indicative of his overall military strategy.

Wearing a flowy white button-down shirt and black slacks on one occasion, and a white shirt and safari hat on another, Kim is dressed to aggress, according to Bruce Klingner, a Heritage Foundation senior research fellow for northeast Asia.

“He’s bold, and he’s proud, and he’s involved in this,” Klingner told CNN’s Brian Todd. “The tactical nuclear weapons program is his.”

And while Kim looks more like an out of place cater waiter hired to serve shrimp cocktail at an annoying cousin’s second wedding, a change up in fashion, like getting bangs after being dumped, could be interpreted as a sign that something is amiss. After all, the fact that Kim’s saber-rattling has increased is worth noting.

“What it could be is to try to drive the U.S. back to the negotiating table in a more supplicant way,” Klingner added. “Maybe now, even if they say they don’t want any kind of dialogue, they’d be willing to accept offers from the United States.”

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