Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks has traded in the beloved red cardigan of Fred Rogers for a Navy captain’s uniform in the first trailer for the World War II thriller “Greyhound.”

Sony Pictures dropped the trailer Thursday, showcasing Hanks as Capt. Ernest Krause, a first-time commander assigned the perilous task of a trans-Atlantic escort of a convoy of merchant ships, a mission that quickly goes awry after his destroyer, the fictional USS Keeling, is plunged into the Battle of the Atlantic.

Due to range limitations of Allied aircraft, the 37-ship convoy must survive five treacherous days of the journey without the luxury of air support, leaving Krause and his men vulnerable to fierce attacks carried out by the sinister wolfpack formations used by the Kriegsmarine’s Nazi U-boats.

Combating both the enemy and self-doubt at the helm of the Keeling, Krause must “bring hell from on high” onto the German submarines to ensure the survival of his men and the success of the convoy.

Based on the C.S. Forester novel, “The Good Shepherd,” and inspired by true events, the film is directed by Aaron Schneider (“Get Low”) and costars Elisabeth Shue (“Chasing Mavericks,” “Battle of the Sexes”), Stephen Graham (“Snatch,” “Gangs of New York”), and Rob Morgan (“Daredevil”).

Shelly Johnson (“Hidalgo,” “Captain America: The First Avenger”) handled cinematography duties, while the 63-year-old Hanks penned the adapted script for the big screen.

“Greyhound” is slated to hit theaters everywhere June 12. Watch the trailer below.

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