According to the Government Accountability Office, newly enlisted service members are given uniform items that can range in value from $1,600 to $2,400, but must also invest in maintaining their gear throughout the course of their careers.

But what do you when you separate from service and those camouflage costumes become obsolete? There’s only one solution: Repurpose.

At least, that’s what some store did. Using what appears to be surplus Army gear in the illustrious M81 Woodland print, an unnamed retailer simply sliced off the bottom of a BDU top and turned it into a crop jacket that any TikTok-ing Zoomer would be proud to sport.

Unfortunately, the location of this store is unknown. An anonymous sender passed the image along to popular community Facebook page “Air Force amn/nco/snco” without any additional information about the seller.

Luckily, you, an industrious and crafty veteran, have all you need to make you midriff-baring midsummer dreams come true: BDUs, a pair of scissors and the courage to show off the distant memory of six-pack abs that you lost when you stopped doing PT.

If you wanted to add something extra, you might consider a Bedazzler. Amazon is selling kits for around $20. But if you ask me, you simply can’t put a price on glitter — it’s invaluable.

So go on, cut that BDU top. Show off your post-service dad bod with pride. America thanks you for your service.

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