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How volunteers can help defeat great powers
"It was clear from the onset and confirmed throughout our visit that volunteers played a critical role in the defense of Kyiv, yet their role has not been systematically studied."
Breaking down gaps in military child care
Two military moms and researchers break down a new military child care analysis and share their own experiences with the system on this episode of The Spouse Angle.
Fighting to get to the fight
Maintaining America’s critical infrastructure is vital in protecting the homeland from global competitors.
From Army life to astronaut’s wife
Author and military spouse Stacey Morgan shares the story of her husband's journey to space and how it changed her life on Earth on The Spouse Angle podcast.
Will the ghost of Korematsu haunt the Supreme Court?
The U.S. Supreme Court slightly narrowed an injunction protecting 35 Navy SEALs from the Department of Defense’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate. The author of this commentary argues its deference to the military is misplaced.
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