Military Times questionnaire: What will the Democratic presidential candidates do for troops, veterans?
Military Times asks the Democratic presidential hopefuls about their military personnel and veterans policy plans.
Sheriff: Former Marine accused of shooting and killing parents, 2 dogs
Jacob Daniel Price wore a bloody shirt when he arrived at the Crestview Police Department in Florida early Wednesday.
Joint exercise with American and South Korean military postponed in ‘act of goodwill’ toward North Korea
U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Sunday the United States and South Korea have indefinitely postponed a joint military exercise in an “act of goodwill” toward North Korea.
Trump grants clemency to troops in three controversial war crimes cases
POTUS intervenes in the cases of two Army officers and a Navy SEAL.
Marine vet donates dress blues and Iwo Jima sand to be buried with veteran killed in hit-and-run
On Nov. 10, as Marines everywhere celebrated the service’s 244th birthday — the first of which took place in historic Tun Tavern just about 20 miles from Jackson’s home — his family began preparations for an unexpected funeral.
Partnership with Kurds against ISIS still strong, says US coalition general
A senior U.S. coalition commander said Friday the partnership with Syrian Kurdish forces remains strong and focused on fighting the Islamic State group, despite an expanding Turkish incursion into areas under Kurdish control.
White House: Trump undergoes exam at Walter Reed
President Donald Trump spent more than two hours at Walter Reed National Medical Center on Saturday for what the White House said were medical tests as part of his annual physical.
The Pentagon completed its second audit. What did it find?
The Pentagon has completed its second ever audit, but plenty of work remains.
A ‘Warrior Tradition’: Why Native Americans continue fighting for the same government that tried to wipe them out
Since 9/11, nearly 19 percent of Native Americans have served in the armed forces, compared to an average of 14 percent of all other ethnicities.
Esper says South Korea, which paid 90 percent of costs for Camp Humphreys, needs to increase ‘burden-sharing’ to keep US troops in South Korea
Esper, who is in Seoul, said Friday that South Korea “is a wealthy country and could and should pay more to help offset the cost of defense.”
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