Saving America’s military edge will take money — and new ideas, Dunford says
The U.S. military needs Congress to provide sustained defense spending to maintain its eroding military edge — but also needs to start innovating, its top uniformed officer said Saturday.
This is why US Marines will be pitted against British Royal Marines in a force-on-force battle
The commandant also has invited the Canadian Army, and expects the U.S. Army will want a sparring match.
‘All hell broke loose’ — ambushed Marine carried wounded to safety, fired at the enemy with his free arm
“There was no one out, nothing moving” before “all hell broke loose.”
Marine colonel busted in prostitution sting loses rank, retires
Col. Kevin Scott retired as a lieutenant colonel.
Trump expresses regret for not visiting Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day
Trump said his travel schedule and official business stopped him from attending.
Court allows class-action suit against Navy over ‘bad paper’ discharges
The move could affect thousands of veterans who say the military unfairly ended their military careers.
Trump visits Marines at Washington barracks, speaks at veterans’ event
President Donald Trump visited with Marines and spoke at a White House veterans' conference Thursday amid fallout over his decision not to visit an American cemetery during his weekend trip to Paris to commemorate the end of World War I.
In its push to be more gender-neutral, the Corps is removing the term PREG from fitness reports for pregnant Marines
PREG has been used to denote pregnant and postpartum Marines on fitness reports.
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