A staffer at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has started a GoFundMe campaign to support the women who have been victims of a private Facebook page called Marines United that posted nude photos of female service members.

Justine Elena works on the Comedy Central show. She's also a captain in the Marine Corps Reserves.  

"By asking $5 per supporter, we want women who have dealt with issues of online harassment, sexism, and feeling marginalized to know that they are not alone, and that there are men and women in addition to a number of organizations and individuals who support the military, but condemn Marines United and other sites that have dehumanized women in service," Elena wrote on the fundraising site.

She said the funds will be donated to Headstrong, which provides free treatment to post 9/11 service members and veterans who struggle with mental health issues.

So far, more than $5,500 has been donated. 

Elena is also asking donors to "proudly include your name and your connection to the military because we are better than those who choose to remain anonymous and unnamed in their hateful actions." 

Marine Corps officials are investigating the Facebook page and Congress is holding a hearing on the scandal on Tuesday. Defense officials are also investigating an image-sharing message board, where troops from all branches of the service are crowdsourcing naked pictures of specific female service members.