A Marine who serves as a chef to the Corps' top general commandant is in trouble for apparently saying on a reality TV show that he refuses to work with female Marines.

Sgt. Frank Cala, who cooks for Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller, was eliminated on Friday's episode of "Hell's Kitchen" by show host Gordon Ramsay.

Cala appeared to blame the women on his team for being kicked off the show. In a video clip posted online, he says: "The Blue Team never had any drama until the females came aboard and that's when the ship sunk. That's exactly why I get [expletive] female Marines and I send them back wherever the [expletive] they came from."

The video was posted to Facebook on Saturday by the group called "End Gender Bias in the Military," which allows service members to discuss issues of gender discrimination and how best to prevent it.

Marine Corps public affairs issued a statement about Cala's comments on Monday saying that Cala may have crossed the line.

"The Marine Corps has recently become aware of comments made by a Marine appearing on 'Hell's Kitchen' that were not in keeping with our core values," the statement says. "We take this matter seriously and we are looking more closely at this matter to determine what further actions may be warranted."

But Cala’s supervisor defends the Marine and blames the television network for portraying the Marine Cala in a false light.

"Frank works with female Marines on a daily basis," said Gunnery Sgt. Brian Kauten. "He has five that work with him on a daily basis and he works fine with them. What he said was taken completely out of context."

Kauten stressed that the show's audience is only seeing heavily edited segments of the hundreds of hours of footage from the show.

"They can edit it and copy and paste and make any words come out of anybody's mouth they want to — not just with him on the show, as an excuse, but with any contestant," Kauten said.

Sgt. Frank Cala, shown here as a corporal at a culinary competition, is now a chef for the commandant of the Marine Corps. Marine leaders are currently looking into comments he made about women on a reality TV show that aired Friday.

Photo Credit: Cpl. Damany Coleman/Marine Corps

For example, Kauten noted that Cala will appear unshaven in one frame and then fully shaven in the next, revealing that the show's producers have combined footage taken at different times into one episode.

"When he's having conversations with people, the camera will focus just on his face and then it will go across the screen to somebody else's face," Kauten said. "You don't ever see him having the conversations that are in question one-on-one with the person directly because they're editing it in."

Cala was unavailable for an interview on Monday, said Kauten, who repeatedly mentioned that Friday's show had been taped a long time ago and was not live.

"It's a reality TV show," Kauten said. "They are going to make you see what they want to see for ratings."

In 2013, another Marine complained about the way he was portrayed on a reality TV show. Staff Sgt. Ryan Culberson is married to the daughter of one of the women featured on Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County."

Fans of that show lashed out when Culberson was shown arguing with one of the star's mothers, but he said the producers edited scenes together in a way that made his behavior appear worse than it was.

"There was so much more … that led up to that incident which they fail to include to make me look like the crazy Marine," Culberson told Marine Corps Times in a 2013 email. "It definitely was a crazy night and I cannot get over how the producers edited it."

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