Nov. 10 marks the 241st anniversary of the Marine Corps’ founding. It is a day sacred to all Marines, past and present.

In advance of this year’s anniversary, the service has released a brief video stressing that the Marine Corps is a team and Marines will be there to help each other even after they leave active duty.


"They’re going to be your friends for life and they’re the people that are going to help you for the rest of your life," Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller says in the video. "Once you’re a Marine, you’re always going to help other Marines. You’re going to help anybody, but you’re really going to look out for each other, and that’s why we’ve got to stay connected."

 The Marine Corps is a place where people come together and "find something bigger than self," Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Ronald Green says in the five-minute video.

 "When we say, ‘Once a Marine, Always a Marine,’ the families are included in that conversation," Green says. "For all those warriors who fought, their families remain our families forever."

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