A female Marine will get a second crack at Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command in January.

In September, the Marine corporal completed the first phase of MARSOC training but she did not score high enough to advance further, said command spokesman Maj. Nick Mannweiler. She is the second female Marine to attempt the training since all military occupational specialties were opened to women.

Marines are allowed up to three attempts to complete the assessment and selection phase of MARSOC training, Mannweiler said. The assessment and selection process is divided into phase one, which lasts 19 days, and phase two, which lasts 21 days.

MARSOC is not releasing the female Marine’s name because the identities of special operators are protected by law, Mannweiler said. Military.com first reported that the corporal is attempting MARSOC training again.

Of the 2,743 personnel in MARSOC, less than 100 are women, Mannweiler said.

“However, they are found throughout the organization from field grade officers down to junior enlisted, filling operations, logistics, intelligence, communications, fires/air and various combat service support jobs,” Mannweiler said.

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