The Marine Corps is looking for rifle-mounted surveillance technology that can provide real-time streaming video directly to the user or another distant display.

It’s another new development as the Marine Corps continues to push for new lethal technologies to modernize and retool its infantry squads.

In fall 2017, the Corps selected a new laser range finder called the Integrated-Compact Ultralight Gun-mounted Rangefinder, or I-CUGR, to aid Marines in accurately ranging targets and calling in air and artillery strikes.

“The MCRCO [Marine Corps Rapid Capability Office] is seeking technologies that increase individual and small unit situational awareness through the use of multi-media sensors to pass video, picture, and/or text with other personnel and units within close proximity,” reads a request for information submitted by Marine Corps Systems Command.

The Marine Corps wants the devices to be attachable to existing Marine Corps individual weapons systems or be integrated scoped optic devices.

“Technologies must allow the captured information to be transmitted through radio-frequency communications and be displayed to other individuals or units using an additional portable device,” the RFI reads.

The new technology would enhance situational awareness for Marines operating in difficult combat environments.

Shawn Snow is the senior reporter for Marine Corps Times and a Marine Corps veteran.

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