The Carl Gustaf is coming to a squad near you soon, and there are signs all over that the Corps is getting serious about its 84mm recoilless rifle.

On Monday the Corps posted a request for information on the government’s business opportunities website, known as FedBizOpps, for pouches to hold Carl Gustaf rounds.

The Corps is seeking pouches that are compatible with the current load bearing vest and can accommodate one to three rounds, according to the RFI.

“Modularity and designs that allow for Marines to balance the ammunition on their existing load bearing equipment are preferred,” the RFI reads.

Marine Corps Systems Command previously told Marine Corps Times that it planned to procure about 1,073 Carl Gustaf launchers, and a contract could be awarded between March and April 2019.

That would be enough to meet Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen Robert B. Neller’s goal to ensure every rifle squad in the Corps is kitted out with the 84mm shoulder fired anti-tank launcher.

Fielding of the Gustaf could kick off as soon as 2020.

And one of those new high-speed Gustaf round pouches one day could be holding a laser-guided precision round being built by Raytheon in concert with Saab.

The new precision round is expected to have a range of 2,000 meters and will be able to target bunkers, concrete, light-skinned vehicles and armored personnel carriers.

Saab also has a confined space round for its 84mm recoilless rifle that could tackle issues with backblast.

Backblast occurs when gaseous over pressurization ruptures out the back of a launcher after firing a rocket. It forces Marines to make tactical decisions that could endanger their lives as rockets often have to be fired from little cover and concealment.

New confined space rounds will allow Marines to fire from inside rooms.

Shawn Snow is the senior reporter for Marine Corps Times and a Marine Corps veteran.

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