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Marine recruits can earn $5,000 to go infantry for six years

Once again, the Marine Corps is offering $5,000 to recruits who sign six-year contracts for infantry jobs.

The bonus is for recruits who successfully complete training as riflemen, light-armor vehicle Marines, machine gunners, mortarmen, infantry assault Marines and antitank missile gunners, according to MARADMIN 505/17.

This marks at least the third year in a row that the Marine Corps has offered recruits $5,000 for six-year infantry contracts as part of the Enlistment Bonus Program.

The fiscal 2018 program offers bonuses ranging from $1,000 to $9,000 to recruits to complete training in specific primary military occupational specialties, according to the Marine Corps administrative message, which was posted on Wednesday. These jobs fall under groups known as program enlisted for, or PEFs.

A PEF groups primary military occupational specialties by skillsets and/or prerequisites, the MARADMIN says. “Every recruit enlisting into the Marine Corps enlists into a PEF and not a specific MOS.”

Bonuses are awarded based on which of the following PEFs that recruits enlist into:

  • Marine air-ground task force planner, $9,000.
  • Electronics maintenance, $8,000.
  • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear response defense, $7,000.
  • Music, $6,000.
  • Infantry, six-year option, $5,000.
  • Motor transport, $4,000.
  • Supply, accounting and legal, $3,000.
  • Shipping bonus (any PEF), $1,000.

Other PEFs that have rated a bonus in the past include command, control and electrician; intelligence and crypto linguists; and transportation.

As part of a separate program, the Marine Corps is offering Marines $10,000 to submit their re-enlistment packages before Sept. 30. Under the fiscal 2018 Selective Retention Bonus program, riflemen with up to six years of service can also receive $8,500 to re-enlist for four years. That is an increase of $5,000 from this fiscal year.

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