Nutritionist, dietician and Army spouse Kristen Noriega helps military spouses prioritize healthy habits through the stresses of parenthood and military life. She shares her best advice for getting through military life’s toughest transitions without stress eating — or dieting. Plus, pro tips for buying healthy food on a tight budget.

About the guest:

Kristen Noriega, MS, RDN, LD hosts the Baby Weight Nutritionist, one of the top 5% podcasts for Christian women. She is a registered dietitian nutritionist, military spouse, mom of four, and essentially living proof that moms can get in good nutrition and movement even in the midst of the chaos of raising littles — spilled milk, cold coffee, unused gym memberships and all.

About the podcast:

The Spouse Angle is a podcast breaking down the news for military spouses and their families. Each episode features subject-matter experts and military guests who dive into current events from a military perspective — everything from new policy changes to research on family lifestyle challenges. The podcast is hosted by Natalie Gross, a freelance journalist and former Military Times reporter who grew up in a military family.

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