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Louisiana prosecutors won’t pursue rape charges against 3 Marines, former Tulane student

NEW ORLEANS — Prosecutors in Louisiana have refused to pursue charges against three Marines and a Tulane University graduate accused of rape.

News outlets report Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro’s office announced Wednesday that the charges were being refused.

Three Marines based in New Orleans face rape charges. (File photo)
3 Marines face rape charges, another sought

Three Marines based in New Orleans face rape charges after a Tulane University student and her friend reported a group of men assaulted them earlier this month.

Twenty-year-old Alexander Davenport, 22-year-old Matthew Farrell and 19-year-olds Antonio Landrum and Jared Anderson were accused of raping at least one woman while visiting a New Orleans home this year.

Detective Anya Coleman testified at a June hearing that one of two women involved in the case had texted a roommate during the reported assault that "everything was fine."

Coleman said the other woman declined to undergo a sexual assault exam. Coleman also has said the timeline provided by the women was confusing.

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