The Marine Corps' Selective Re-enlistment Bonus program for this fiscal year is coming to an early end next month.

Even though the fiscal year runs until Sept. 30, the bonus program will end on July 8, according to MARADMIN 282/17, which was released on Thursday.

Once the program ends, Marines with an "end of current" contract date before Sept. 30 will no longer be eligible for a re-enlistment bonus, the Marine Corps-wide message says.

The message did not explain why the bonus program will not continue for the rest of the fiscal year; however, MARADMIN 354/16 announced in July that the bonus program would end as soon as the Corps' requirements for boat spaces was met.

In May, Congress approved a defense spending bill that gives the Marine Corps money to increase from 182,000 active-duty Marines to 185,000 this fiscal year. Most of that increase will be achieved by increasing accessions by 2,000 additional recruits in July, August and September, Corps officials have said.

Details of the fiscal 2018 bonus program have not yet been announced, but the three-star general in charge of Manpower and Reserve Affairs has said the Marine Corps plans to offer a re-enlistment bonus to experienced maintainers if they agree to stay with their current squadron for two years.

"This bonus is going to take that hard-won experience at the senior sergeant, staff NCO level, retain it in the squadron at certain numbers so they can train the next generation in those certification requirements," Lt. Gen. Mark Brilakis told lawmakers on March 29.

Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller has indicated that Marines involved with cyber operations may also be offered re-enlistment bonuses.

"Just say for the sake of discussion that somebody was involved in cyber-type activities," Neller said in a Feb. 3 interview. "It's very difficult for us to compete with the civilian side on some of those. 

"We're always looking at what our retention is and what MOSs we have a hard time retaining. Those are the ones that generally are probably going to get the bonus."

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